6 Causes of Ear Infections in Elderly People

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Common Reasons Seniors Get Ear Infections in SARASOTA, FL

The short length of the pathway between the sinus passages and the Eustachian tubes is one of the main reasons ear infections are commonly seen in young children. However, aging adults also come down with ear infections from time to time. Some of the most common causes of ear infections in seniors include the six listed below.

1. Smoking

Smokers and seniors exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher incidence of upper respiratory problems. Once affected, sinuses fill with fluid and get swollen and irritated, and the fluid travels to the inner ear. The warm, moist environment encourages microbial growth and subsequent infection. Smokers in your aging loved one’s home should consider quitting. Otherwise, you should limit smoking to outside the home.

2. Cold & Flu Season

Since the ears are openings in the body, they can be an easy target for viruses and bacteria. In addition, the viruses that cause colds and flu can gain access through nasal and oral passages, leading to congestion that can quickly travel to one or both ears. Seniors then develop ear infections from viruses or secondary infections from bacterial invasion. Decongestants can prevent fluid buildup in the sinuses and ears.

To help your aging parent prevent bacterial and viral ear infections, encourage him or her to stay away from people who are sick and wash his or her hands regularly, especially after being around other people.

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3. Allergies

Allergy season is the peak time for ear infections, and seniors who experience indoor or outdoor allergies are all too familiar with allergy-related sinus irritation. Congestion, fluid buildup, tissue irritation, and other allergy symptoms can cause additional pressure in the ears, which can lead to an infectious process. During allergy season, with the doctor’s approval, your loved one can use over-the-counter medications to prevent allergy symptoms from developing. 

4. Swimmer’s Ear

Seniors who spend a great deal of time in the water may develop ear infections because water gets trapped in their ears. Fluid that remains in the outer ear canal after bathing or swimming also encourages microbial growth. The chances of developing this type of infection increase when older adults spend time in natural bodies of water, where various types of bacteria thrive. Cotton balls in the ears can deter the problem during bathing. Encourage your loved one to wear snug-fitting earplugs while swimming and thoroughly dry out his or her ears with a hair dryer or towel immediately after getting out of the water.

5. Impaired Immune Systems

As adults age, it’s common for their immune systems to weaken, which leaves them more susceptible to infection. Cancer, cancer treatments, and immunosuppressive medications put seniors at even greater risk for developing these infections.

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6. Anatomical Abnormalities

Enlarged adenoids and deformities in the Eustachian tubes or nasal passages can contribute to the development of ear infections in aging adults. This is because these abnormalities typically encourage fluid migration to the middle ear or block fluid drainage.

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