Reliable Support for Senior Stroke Survivors in Sarasota

Experiencing a stroke leaves many seniors wondering about the future. Even after discharge from the hospital, most seniors realize they have a long road ahead. Regaining their independence and highest quality of life often is not possible without the right level of support. Home Care Assistance of Sarasota, FL, is here to help. Our stroke recovery programs offer effective, personalized care right at home. We realize no two stroke survivors are the same, and our stroke care plans are customized to meet the needs of each individual. Scheduling is flexible, including hourly care and around-the-clock supervision, which makes it possible for seniors to return home sooner and enjoy a more successful recovery.

In-Home Stroke Care Promotes Positive & Healthy Living

The best strategy for recovering from a stroke and preventing a future stroke often starts with making lifestyle changes. From changing eating habits and exercising more to staying socially engaged and following medical advice, seniors can maintain a great deal of control over their future health. When returning home from the hospital, seniors with support from Sarasota Home Care Assistance are reminded of the importance of these activities. Our stroke caregivers assist by:

  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Reminding seniors to take medications on schedule and watching for indications that medications are less effective than desired
  • Offering support during physical therapy exercises
  • Encouraging seniors to get out of bed, keep their minds engaged, and resume daily routines
  • Supporting the highest level of independence while also providing reminders to take breaks and accept assistance
  • Providing transportation and accompaniment to medical appointments

Stroke Caregivers Motivate Seniors to Recover Successfully

Success stories and setbacks are both common while recovering from a stroke. Having someone there to listen, offer support, and provide companionship can help seniors feel confident as they recover in the comfort of home. At Home Care Assistance Sarasota, our caregivers are experts in stroke care with a great understanding about the challenges seniors experience during recovery. They utilize proven techniques to keep seniors motivated and stave off feelings of depression, frustration, and anxiety. Our stroke caregivers are also matched with seniors based on interests and personality, which helps clients bond with their caregivers, communicate more freely with them, and trust them as the supportive confidants they are.

If your loved one has experienced a stroke and needs help aging in place safely and comfortably, provide the support he or she needs to realize a full recovery. Call Home Care Assistance in Sarasota anytime at (941) 702-5525 to schedule your free in-home evaluation.