At Sarasota Home Care Assistance, we offer a unique, revolutionary perspective on providing home care for seniors. Whether our clients need occasional help with everyday tasks such as grocery shopping and preparing meals, temporary care while recovering from illnesses or injuries, or around-the-clock assistance, we customize each of our care plans to provide personalized experiences for aging adults who wish to continue living in the comfort of home..

Our caregivers (who all receive thorough training in applying the CDC’s best practices for infectious diseases) are the finest in the home care industry, and we’re proud to offer the most innovative, science-based methods of care available—our exclusive Balanced Care Method and Cognitive Therapeutics Method. We treasure the trust our clients and their families place in us, and we never lose sight of how essential it is to treat older adults with the respect, dignity, and compassion they so richly deserve. To learn how we can help you or your senior loved one enjoy the highest quality of life, call one of our dedicated Care Managers today at (941) 702-5525 and schedule a free in-home consultation.

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Hour Care

Live-In or 24 Hour Care offers seniors the opportunity to age in place, in a familiar home environment surrounded by their cherished memories. Around-the-clock care is a great alternative to assisted living facilities or retirement homes.

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Dementia &
Alzheimer's Care

Home Care Assistance proudly trains our caregivers in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ so that clients can receive one-to-one cognitive stimulation as well as support with basic care and activities of daily living– at no additional cost.

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Respite &
Hourly Care

Hourly home care is not only used to enhance the lives of our senior clients, but the lives of their families as well. Hourly care can provide family caregivers with time to attend to their own needs and personal obligations.

Sarasota FL Home Care

Care in Assisted
Living Facilities

There are many options to consider when looking for solutions in caring for your aging loved ones, including live-in facilities. We can help you determine the best possible care for your loved one with whatever budget you are working with.



Balanced Care Method™

Developed through careful scientific research, our Balanced Care Method takes a holistic approach to aging by encouraging seniors to eat nutritious meals, get regular physical activity, and engage in mentally and socially stimulating activities, all of which promote optimal wellbeing and longevity. Learn More


Cognitive Therapeutics Method™

Our Cognitive Therapeutics Method, based on rigorous scientific research, can benefit every senior. This approach is specially designed to boost cognitive health and stave off memory loss with activities that focus on attention span, visual-spatial perception, memory and language skills, and executive functioning, providing a wide range of support to seniors so they can lead happy, healthy, and independent lives in the comfort of home. Learn More


Caring for an elderly loved one can be a daunting responsibility but you don’t have to do it alone. A professional caregiver can provide the support you need to relieve some of your worry and concern. If you would like more information on our care services or want to know more about how we can help your senior loved one maintain a high-quality of life in the comfort of his or her home, give us a call at (941) 702-5525 . A dedicated Care Manager can answer your questions and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation. Reach out today. We’re here to help.

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Why Choose Us for In-Home Care?

  • Highly Trained Caregivers – We screen for the highest-caliber caregivers by conducting background investigations, thoroughly checking references, and examining past senior care experience. We only hire about 1 in 25 caregivers who apply. We provide all our caregivers with training and access to continued learning from our very own Home Care Assistance University, an advanced training program that ensures our caregivers are up to date in the latest senior care practices.
  • Revolutionary Care Methods – Our Balanced Care Method goes beyond the basics by encouraging a healthy diet and daily exercise and highlighting the importance of social ties and finding a sense of calm and purpose in the senior years. Sarasota Home Care Assistance is also proud to share our Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), which allows seniors to boost cognitive health and mental acuity by engaging in advanced brain games with a trained CTM caregiver.
  • Flexible Scheduling and 24/7 Availability – Knowing all seniors have varying needs, we offer flexible hourly and live-in home care Sarasota seniors and families can customize to fit their schedules. Whether your older loved one needs our trained compassionate caregivers in the mornings, on the weekends, or 7 days a week, we’re here to help, and we never require any long-term contracts or commitments.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – Home care is more than a service—it’s an opportunity for seniors to age happily and safely in the comfort of home, surrounded by the people they love. We’re honored we can help seniors in the community achieve this goal, and want both our senior clients and their families to enjoy peace of mind, so all of our home care services come backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Senior Home Care Sarasota

Communities We Serve:

  • Sarasota and Surrounding Areas
Sarasota Manatee City
What our Clients Say

“What does it take to become a quality home health care provider for seniors? Not just your average, run-of-the-mill service, but the type of care you would lovingly give to your grandmother? This is the level of service that Home Care Assistance provides its clients on a daily basis, focusing on the entire client’s well-being. Wendy Brown, owner of Home Care Assistance Sarasota-Manatee talks a little about their history and client/patient approach.”

Mary Unger
What our Clients Say

“Home Care Assistance is an invaluable resource for the Senior population in our community. I have personally connected with them to provide equipment for individuals with a variety of needs. The responsiveness and professionalism is superior!”

Judy Hall
What our Clients Say

"I am so appreciative of the professional services and the quality of care that Home Care Assistance is providing my Mom so that she can stay in her own home. I am an only child and yet I feel like I have a whole team of people on our side to help make decisions that keep Mom's best interests in mind.”

Stacy Crawford

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